Soil Improver

Peat Free


Product description

Soil Improver is a basic source of natural nutrients and organic matter which is formulated to improve the fertility of the soil in your garden and allotment. It helps moisture retention and can lighten heavy soils. It encourages good plant growth and long-term soil fertility.


  • Improving soil structure
  • Mulching
  • Planting out
  • Top Dressing

Application Rate

To improve soil structure, spread the Soil Improver over the soil to a depth of at least 5cm (2”). For heavier, chalky or sandy soils more Soil Improver can be added up to about 10cm (4”).

As a mulch, apply a 5cm (2”) layer of Soil Improver to the area, using a weed membrane if desired.

For top dressing, mix one-part Soil Improver and one part soil together, blending thoroughly. This mixture can be used on established plants, shrubs and perennials.

Available in

  • 50ltr pre-packed bags