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Find out what systems we have in place, on a day-to-day basis within the Company to make sure we do our bit, now matter how small, for the Planet

Sustainable products

Here at Heart of Eden, we understand the need to supply environmentally sustainable, peat-free and recycled products. But what do we actually have in place, on a day-to-day basis within the Company to make sure we do our bit, no matter how small, for the Planet?

Sustainable sources

Raw materials are sourced as close to use as possible, which minimises our carbon miles. Any virgin wood used comes from sustainable sources, which are generally certified forestry plantations. These forests are managed like any other crop, albeit the process is longer-term. It takes over 20 years for trees to be ready for production to begin, but 30 to 50 years for the trees to fully mature. Nothing is wasted from these trees, which ensures that it is not only efficient, but also environmentally-friendly.

Reducing our carbon footprint

As well as our ISO accreditation, we are proud to say that we are part of the United Nations’ #DecadeofAction campaign and are measuring our own carbon footprint. Please read our Latest News piece on achieving the PlanetMark year 2021 Business Certification for more information.

We believe that every one of us making a small change can have a positive impact on the environment and the sustainability of natural resources for generations to come.

Our Nine pledges for a greener future


The vehicles for our office staff have been reduced by one. Out of the remaining vehicles, 2 are now electric, with a third electric vehicle on order.

charge points

At our Head Office in Northiam we have an electric charge point for vehicles, which our staff and visitors can use for free.

electricity provider

Our electricity provider only uses power sourced from renewable energy.


All office-based stationery is recyclable.

for all our team

All our glass, paper, newspapers, etc. are sent away for recycling – our staff can also make use of this facility by bringing their own recycling from home.

cleaning supplies

Office cleaning products are environmentally friendly – no harsh chemicals entering the water system.


Our products are 100% peat-free.

No hazardous

NO hazardous chemicals or fertilizers are used in any of our products or at any of our sites around the country.


All products are environmentally sourced or recyclable.

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Here at Rotherview Nursery, we have been using the AHS Heart of Eden Absolutely No Peat Compost and have found it exceptional. Our customers love it too – it’s flying off the shelves! It’s so important to think about the products we are using in the Nursery and selling to customers, and the impact they have on the environment around us. We’d happily recommend this wonderful Peat Free All-Purpose Compost to anyone looking for high quality product at a competitive price

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